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Cute Georgia story - moonshadowed
Cute Georgia story
jeriendhal and Thomas had gone to bed. Miss G was running around while I was on ICQ chatting with my best buddy Elena. At one point Georgia comes bouncing up to me...

G: "Mommy, guess what?"
me (a little distractedly): "What baby?"
G: "I need a hug and a kiss." (wraps her arms around me and plants one on me)
Me: (melts into a puddle of goo) "Aww, thank you baby." (and kisses and hugs her back)

Yesterday must have been G's day to be cute... (especially cute that is).  I didn't see this one, but jeriendhal  told me that at one point yesterday both kids had gone upstairs... and lay in Thomas bed.   I believe Thomas had pulled the covers over his head and Georgia was beside him, with her arm around him.  When daddy went upstairs to check on them she looked up and said, "We sleeping."

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