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More Progress with Jewel - moonshadowed
More Progress with Jewel

 I'm flabbergasted by this morning's events.  Jewel came forward in the cage..and I don't know how to describe it.. she had a real interested look in her eyes.  Not really expecting anything, I put my hand up and asked "Do you want to step up?"

 And she did! 

We walked around the house and I stood talkng to her.  The kids made her startle a little.. just because they move so quickly and whatnot.  Thomas asked again, "Can we pet him?"  (He gets the him/her thing mixed up sometimes)  and I told him, "I don't think she's ready for children to pet her yet."   She did let me scritch her on the head briefly.
When it was time to go to the bus stop and daycare I had to put her in her cage, but I had a pistachio ready, so she will associate going into her cage with getting a treat.  She went in willingly.
When I came home, I could tell she wanted out again..so after getting my coffee cup situated downstairs..and bringing her portable playstand also downstairs... I opened up the cage, presented my hand and said "Step up"
She did without any hesitation.
Right now she's stiting on her playstand eating some food and looking all around. 

She's come to my hand willingly again, and I can tell there is something on the desk that intrests her, but I'm not sure what it is.  (There is a lot of junk on our computer desk... this might be the incentive I need to clean it up!  LOL)   She went back to her playstand for some more food and is sitting there with one foot tucked up and she's puffed up with her head feathers kinda fluffed forward.  If I'm reading her body language...that's happy and content?

I'm so thrilled!  I was truly thinking it would take another week or so for her to come to me willingly...and I was totally okay with that.  I want her to be happy and healthy..and to know she's loved.

update:  Well, I tried something and it didn't work.  I don't yet have a proper shower perch, but thought maybe a towel draped over it would provide secure enough footing.  It didn't. :(  She squawked and we were both a bit startled and scared, but eventually I got her calm and back in her cage.  She accepted a nut before I left for work, so I think ultimately I was forgiven.

I guess I was too puffed up with the earlier success and pushed things a little too fast.  We won't try a shower again until there's a proper perch.

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kippurbird From: kippurbird Date: October 20th, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Parrots are smart. She probably understands that you don't mean any harm and is going to take care of her. Also that she wants out of the cage so she has to "step up".

Pepper was smart like that and he was a little budgie.
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