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Introducing -- Tickle - moonshadowed
Introducing -- Tickle
(The parakeet)... Thomas named her.

My niece and Tickle

Thomas and Tickle (this was when we first came home with her... he wanted to hold her but would giggle nervously and wouldn't...insisted he had to wear his jacket... he's now progressed to holding her on his hand for short periods of time.)

And last but certainly not least... Miss Georgia and Tickle. As you can see, she has no problems holding the bird ...sometimes its hard to get her to give Tommy a turn, but mostly she and he take turns really nicely.

We may end up getting another parakeet from the same breeder eventually (on a list to be contacted if she gets and white parakeet babies)... and I may give Georgia an opportunity to name that one, since Tommy named Tickle. Mommy of course gets final veto power.
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